Tired of those dark circles are your eyes? How to get rid of dark under-eye circles

Raise your hand if you are tired of trying products for under-eye dark circles!! This is something that I personally battled with for years, and tried just about everything. Of course, the simple solution is to get some rest and drink plenty of water … but we all know that trying to get eight hours of sleep is like hoping to see a unicorn. After years of searching, I stumbled across this little golden nugget while cruising through my local Sephora just to see what I didn’t own yet and voila! My life was changed.

The product shown in your upper right-hand corner is called “Photo-Op Under Eye Brightener Illuminator” they should have called it highlighting heaven! Smashbox has been a staple in the makeup community since the late 90’s. They are well-known for their primers and studio quality products. They have certainly kept their promises for quality to us with this product. This product is not new by far, but it definitely deserves a little more love than it receives in the makeup world.

Last night on my broadcast, I showed viewers two uses for the product in addition to being an under eye brightener.

1) Brighten Under Eyes- Take less than pea size amount and dab it on your fingers and gently place around and under your eye as you would with concealer (P.S. do this before you add concealer and watch magic happen!). Pat is onto your under-eye area with your ring finger until it is completely blended in and has disappeared.

2) Highlight before the Highlight!- This product can also be used to highlight any areas where you would place your highlighter. Place the product anywhere you would highlight ( bridge of the nose, above cheek bone, center of forehead, etc..) and prepare to glow !!! Don’t forget to blend! Adding a highlighter after will surely have you strobing all night long

3) Highlight those Brows!- Yes, that’s correct use it in place of a concealer to clean and highlight your brows after shaping and filling them. I tested this out the other day in pure sunlight in the middle of the ocean on a speedboat and can I just way it was purely GLAMOROUS!

I hope you all enjoyed these tips, try it out and see if you like it. Hey, it’s just makeup, and it comes off. You can buy this product at Sephora, Ulta, or www.smashbox.com

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Disclaimer: I was not sent this product for your review, it was purchased with my money for my personal use.

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