eyeliner that won’t budge or smudge
There are so many things to be concerned about in the world. So many
things travel through our minds everyday such as our career, money,
family, health, or our next big move. The last thing we want to worry
about is our liner making us look like a raccoon by the days end. As a
makeup enthusiast, it became my personal mission years ago to find a
mulch-purpose eyeliner that lasted the entire day. Finally! I found a
product that I can use to like my lid, waterline, and inner lash line
and let’s just say it has been a match made in heaven ever since!
Urban Decay is a cosmetics line known for making some of the best
products on the market, they happen to one of my favorite for several
types of products. The 24/7 eyeliners have been a staple for Urban
Decay for years. Years ago Urban Decay had a sale on their eyeliners
and after hearing rave reviews I decided to go for it. Let me say I
was impressed from day one. The product has a formula that dries fast
and stays in place. Let us not forget that their black eyeliner named
“Zero” is the blackest black in a kohl liner I have ever found,
definitely making it a Hero and not a Zero. These dreamy eyeliners
also come in several vibrant colors for those looking for a pop of
color, and they have even created a liner with a formula made
specifically for smudging by the name of Perversion (sounds so
mysterious …right?).
I could go on and on about this liner but I would like for you so
see for yourself. Please watch my video on on the
best eyeliner in the world ! If you are looking for a place to
purchase this liner. Visit your local Sephora, Ulta, or to get
your liner.
As always peace & love

Disclaimer: I am not sponsored by this company and have not received
free product or compensation to write this blog. These opinions are
solely mine and based on my personal and/or professional use of the

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