Newbie Tuesday – How to Rock Your Scope Confidently on Day One

Last week’s broadcast
dedicated to periscope newbies was a big hit, so I decided to make
Tuesday’s Newbie Tuesdays. Every Tuesday, as we learn about this new
world, we will be adding to our current knowledge on how to become a
dope scoper ( taken from Chalene Johnson). Being on Periscope for the
last three weeks has felt life a lifetime, and I am excited to share
what I have learned so far. If you have not read last week’s blog “
3 Reasons Why No One is Coming to Your Scopes,” Click Here .I suggest you start
there then come back here. 
This week we focused on how
to do a better job at hosting your scopes. Remember Periscope can be
your Personal Learning Network (PLN- Courtesy of Mario Armstrong).
You can use this time to learn from others and share while you build
your brand. Today’s broadcast brought about some great tips both from
myself and viewers that will be beneficial to you as a broadcaster.
The following tips are based
on my personal experience but it is up to you figure out the best
style to make your videos work for you.
1) Put serious thought into
your bio- Your bio is fully searchable using keywords and hashtags. A
great way to test this out is to search on Twitter using #periscope
“keyword” for example #periscope PjlovesPj. It is also a great
idea to include emojis in your bio as it helps to draw attention from
viewers. This is your sales, pitch, your overview that people will
read to decide if they will follow. If you use hashtags, choose so
wisely that is also fully searchable on the Internet. Using the
correct hashtags will help your draw in viewers and help you gain
2) Be Consistent- If you
commit to scoping on a certain topic daily/weekly/monthly…, etc.
Make sure you show up for your viewers. There is nothing wrong with
freestyling if you plan to be that type of broadcaster, but if you
want to create structure, you must keep your word. You should also be
scoping at least once a day if your concern is building a brand and a
following. This app is in the early phases so now is the time to
build your following. Try setting a ten-minute time slot aside every
day to scope on your topic and you will see how easy it is to work
into your day. When people are looking for a brand to trust, they are
looking for consistency. Once they feel like they can look to you for
consistency, they will be more willing to support you.
3) Give your audience some
energy- There are so many people out there with great information but
fall short because they cannot connect with their audience. Before
you turn on the camera do whatever you have to do to wake up, listen
to some music, do some pushups, whatever it takes. If you know you
are always exhausted at night, maybe try an early morning scope with
coffee when you are wide awake. You must sound convincing. How can
you expect your audience to believe you, if you don’t sound like you
believe yourself!
4) Share your greatness- We
see the careers, sales, and money being made, so our first
inclination is to jump on start selling. Stop! Your first job is to
do the first three steps plus the tips from last week. It is totally
fine to introduce your product and industry to us, but we want to get
to know you a bit before we buy in. There are tons of coaches, tech
gurus, network marketing experts.., etc. Your goal is to stand out
from the rest. If you allow your viewers to develop relationships
with you, I guarantee that when it is time for them to buy in, they
will seek you before you have to find them.
Embrace the Haters- Many of
us are afraid to scope because we fear their negative feedback. I
would like encourage you to welcome them . Haters keep you relevant,
many of us know who Kim Kardashian is because she did a great job of
welcoming the haters and using their negative energy to catapult her
career. We know her for sex tapes, fake marriages, and leaving her
baby in a hotel! No one ever boasts about the charity work she does.
You guys get where I am going right? Be yourself and embrace the
haters because they keep you relevant sometimes even more than your
supporters. Now I am not encouraging you to act out for attention,
what I am saying is, do what makes you happy even in the face of
You can catch the replay of
this video on my Periscope channel until this evening @PjlovesPj
or you can watch the replay
As always feel free to
comment if you have questions or feedback.
Thanks for stopping by

Post by Paija

2 Responses to Newbie Tuesday – How to Rock Your Scope Confidently on Day One

  1. Hi PJ

    Met you via your scope and you have so much energy. It has been almost two weeks since I've been scoping and it is amazing. I like the live stream and connecting to others.

    So glad to be part of the same group with you because there is no selling there. The worst thing a marketer could ever do is the "buy me" routine. Marketing on a social site is a no no. I always say that a video is a "virtual handshake" for the Know Like and Trust factor. Now with Periscope that is enhanced.

    Great tips!


    • Hey Love,

      Thank you so much for watching ! I'm so happy that you have embraced me and I can bring you valuable content. Stick around for more.

      See ya soon on scope !

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