I’m Too Dark Skinned to Wear Makeup…

I’m Too Dark Skinned to Wear Makeup…
Last night I made my big return to
Periscope ( follow @pjlovespj) and it was amazing with 1,175 viewers.
All was going well until one of the viewers said “I’m too dark
skinned for makeup” … what???
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Seven words when put together that make
me cringe. As a makeup artist and social media personality, I hear
the phrase “ I’m too dark to wear makeup” too often. As a woman
of color it saddens me when I hear this because the industry has
women of color with deep skin tones convinced that makeup is not for
them. Well here’s the truth, up until recently it wasn’t. This is not
saying that all lines consider deep tones now, but there has been
some progress made. While many companies do not consider women of
color in every line, many of them have now created lines to address
the needs of women of color. For example, Cover Girl has the Queen
Collection, Maybeline has Fit Me, and even Milani’s new Conceal and
Cover foundation runs to the deep end of the spectrum. The key is to
take your time, get samples, and try on the color in natural light.
Higher end brands like Makeup Forever, MAC, and Bobbi Brown also make
good foundations. Other drug store brands include Iman, Shea
Moisture, and Revlon who have lines that include deep tones.
Do you know how to match yourself?
When choosing foundation and concealer
there are things to keep in mind that some don’t consider. One of the
most important things ( more important than just the surface tone) is
knowing your undertone. The misconception is that women with deeper
tones are usually warm which means many companies cause women of
color to end up looking too orange or red. Drug store brands have the
opposite problem of making their foundations too yellow. The
solution? Learn your undertone, if you are pale and pink, you are
more than like cool to neutral. If you don’t run yellow, orange,
pink, or red, you are rare and you are neutral. If your undertones
are orange, gold, or red, you are warm. Learning this will help your
foundation and concealer search tremendously. Most foundations are
named by tone and color. For example, cool beige vs. beige vs. warm
beige, or companies like MAC use abbreviations like NC= Neutral
Cool, NW= Neutral Warm, C= Cool. When purchasing makeup from beauty
counter ask the artist to help you determine your undertone and then
choose a foundation and concealer accordingly. You will be so happy
you learned this,and trust me it will narrow down your choices
I can’t wear eye shadow or lipstick in
that color… FALSE!
Women of color, please understand that
color choice has nothing to do with ethnicity but everything to do
with color manipulation and tone. People often believe that because
I am fair skinned my makeup search is easy, so not true, because of
my warm undertones most blue eye shadow makes me look like a super
hero gone wrong. This goes back to knowing your undertones. There is
a shade of every color for everyone. For example, red lipsticks that
have an orange base look amazing on me like MAC’s RiRi Woo, while
MAC’s Ruby Woo is less than flattering on me because of its
blue/violet undertone. Baby pink eye shadow washes me out, but a hot
pink eye shadow will look amazing ! Another thing you can do is
manipulate the color. For example, maybe cool pink lipstick doesn’t
look good on you but add a brown lip liner and watch how amazing it
looks. Remember to keep your undertones in mind when choosing your
blush, highlighter, lipstick, eye shadow..etc. If you love a color but
it isn’t for you try manipulating it by adding liners, layering
colors, or mixing before application.
Notice how adding a dark lip liner to this lavendar lipstick made it brown girl friendly.
                                               Cred: Pinterest
 Melanin is power darling and finding the right makeup will just help you sparkle more. 
I will be hosting a course on applying
makeup to women of color and making sure we keep our melanin on
point. Please make sure you subscribe to the Beat and Blessed mailing
list in order to stay up to date. Lastly, I am running a promo on
personalized one-on-one sessions. If you donate to Go Fund Me
campaign you will receive a class or you can donate it to a woman in
Thanks for reading

As always stay Beat and Blessed.
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