Build Your Beauty Kit On a Budget

There are so many things about makeup that intimidate people. 

Will I look good? 
Does this shade look good on me ? 
Where can I get makeup that won’t break me out?  
Makeup is expensive I can’t afford to look that good !
How come I don’t look like her when I apply mine? 

So many things cause us to take longer and longer to start filling our makeup bags with the right products. If you are a budding artist you may be wondering how to build a well-rounded kit without breaking the bank.If you are a newbie you may be wondering where to start, and if you are an enthusiast you may be wondering how to get to the next level. If any of this sounds familiar then this course is for you. 
The course is the launch of the Beat and Blessed Beauty Course Series that will take you from ” Just Okay to Slay” and if you are a budding artist there are courses tailored to help you go from ” Slay to MUA” 
In the first kit building course we will cover topics such as :
Why do I need a kit ?
What makes a kit will rounded?
Less is more
Condensing and Carrying 
How to build on a budget
plus a few extra bonuses you have to be there, you won’t want to miss this !
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