Accessorize Summer : Where Can I get a Fab Pair of Sunglasses on a Budget?

Can you imagine summer without a fab
pair of sunnies ? Yea, me neither. At one point it was all about the
latest designer shades and what brand you were going to give your
$400 to for a descent pair of shades. Now, thanks to the retail gods
and internet, finding a descent pair of well designed and constructed
sunglasses is literally at your finger tips. Looking good on a budget
is a must and I have found the perfect company. London Royal is an
affordable eye wear company that believes in fashion for the everyday
person. I was sent some eye wear and let’s say I am impressed by how
well-made these glasses are considering the price. Like many of us I
have spent my fair share on designer glasses but I think I will give
my Prada’s a break and sport my new London Royal Sunnies.
The main concern now is how to decide
on what pair to get without trying them on. Well, I have discovered
the answer after careful research and getting it right every time.
Here’s my secret!
Here are two easy solutions.
  1. Try on a pair of sunglasses at
    your favorite eye wear store (mine is Sunglass Hut) and write down
    the dimensions ( length, width, height). Try on a few different
    styles (cat-eye, aviator, round, square …etc.) to make sure you
    have enough information to be your own stylist when you get ready to
    click and order.                                                                                                                 
  2. The next method comes from my
    expertise as a makeup artist. Purchase sunglasses and based on your
    face shape, There typically four common face shapes: round, square,
    oval, heart shaped.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
    Round: You want to buy glasses that
    are typically square or rectangular shaped. This will help offset
    the roundness of your face and allow the glasses to stand out as
    opposed to sit within the circumference of your face. Try this pair
    available at
Photo Credit: London Royal Sunglasses-
style = rectangle $15.99
Square: You are the opposite of the
round face folks, you want to buy round frames. This will add some
dimension to your face and offset the sharpness of your features.
Styles like butterfly and certain aviators would be great options.
Try this pair by London Royal
Photo Credit: London Royal Sunglasses-
Style = Butterfly $15.00
Oval: You all are in luck! Just about
every shape works on oval faces. You can wear round. Exaggerated
aviators, cat-eyes… The eye wear world is yours. I would definitely
try something funky if I knew I could get away with it. Try these
round sunnies.
Photo Cred: London Royal Sunglasses-
Style= Round $ 15.00
Heart Shaped: The idea of a heart
shaped face is cute just thinking about it right? The idea here is
to wear glasses that are the opposite shape of your face Like a heart
you have a wide top and a narrow bottom. Find glasses that do the
opposite. For example the pair below is narrow at the top then widens
at the bottom.
Photo Cred: London Royal- Style= Square
No matter what your face shape, there
is an affordable option in the eye wear world for you. Lastly, the
company has decided to help my reader save money by offering you 10%
off. Just enter PAIJA at checkout and you will save. You can shop
online at , let them know I sent you.
Happy Shopping, and while your sunnies
may be protecting your eyes, don’t forget the SPF.
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