3 Reasons Why Nobody is Coming to Your Scopes #Periscope Newbies

Hey PJLovies, (trying out a new group name)

Today I was inspired to do a video on why no one has been coming to your scopes. I have been seeing a lot of scopes lately, including my own where the viewers are constantly asking how to get viewers and followers. Periscope is a fairly new application which means the world is yours for the taking. Your first few broadcasts may not have hundreds of viewers but if you consistently deliver good content, it is a proven fact that they will come.

Good content is a given, but there are some additional things you need to know to become scopadelic ( I made that up ) 🙂

Note: These tips are based on my personal observations and I do not claim to be an expert and know everything, I am just showing you what works for me as a viewer and broadcaster. If you have further questions, make sure to email me at Paija@paijaj.com.

1) You must broadcast! – I know I know it seems crazy to say, but you would be surprised how many people I see asking for followers and have never filmed any content. It is totally acceptable to begin networking before your scope but when you decide to promote your page, you should be scoping within a 24 hour period. Don’t lose your audience before you get it.

2) Don’t be so concerned about promoting yourself- Again sounds crazy right ?!? Well, let me explain.  There are people who host scopes and set aside time for you to promote in addition to what you do on your show (Dana Garrison does a great show for that), however this community supports those who support. When you are in other scopes, make sure you take the time to participate in their discussion, give hearts, and be as interactive as you can. People will often remember who you are and follow you because of your willingness to listens to them. You can also speak to others by commenting directly to them and form bonds which promotes you without having to give a blurb on what you do. ( This worked great for me).

3)  Have you joined any communities? Unlike other social media apps, Periscope is based on community and support. No, this is not a mandatory step. However, it would be a smart one to take. Periscope has groups that form to promote, support, and encourage one another. Most importantly they show up (solves some of your viewership issues), and spread the word. There is no fee involved and little to no commitment except to support as many as you can when you see them broadcasting. Some of the groups that I know about are #Peri10k, #Tagtribes,#Perigirls, #Lovetribe, #yopickles #blackbizscope #dopescope #richfriends, #periglam… and this list goes on, so there is one or a few for everyone.

There are so many other great tips, but these are three of the best that I came with when people were asking me why no one was coming to their scopes. I know that the information you receive will vary, but this is how I have been making my way through Periscope. You can also catch the replay on www.katch.me/pjlovespj  and see the other tips that were given by the viewers.

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